About Us_ 

Veteran-owned, veteran company, private investigator
Founded & Managed by Stephen E. Spindler

[ State of South Carolina Licensed Private Investigator ]


The business is owned and operated by Stephen E. Spindler. Mr. Spindler enlisted in the U.S. Army at eighteen, served two combat tours, and was honorably discharged after his three-year enlistment was over.

Mr. Spindler then returned home and policed in the Washington DC Metropolitan area for twenty-five years. He spent half those years in the Investigative Section where he conducted investigations, then supervised investigations, and ultimately retired as an Investigative Commander.


Mission Statement

AIS’s focus is to provide professional, accurate, timely and confidential services to our clients.  Through employee dedication, ongoing use of current technology and resources, we will deliver prompt and continuous information to assist our clients in making real time, effective decisions. We strive to answer the five basic W’s of every investigation. Who, What, When, Where, and Why, no matter if it is a criminal, domestic, or civil investigation.


Company Motto


“We never sleep, so that you can sleep well” AIS is open 24 hours 7 days a week. AIS knows that Infidelity and crime both are never limited to certain times of the day or night. When it happens we will be there for you. All clients are given the assigned investigators cell number for emergency contacts should the need arise. Clients are often amazed when they call to report something that our investigators are already on the move.