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Private - Infidelity


AIS recognizes that even thinking that your spouse or partner maybe cheating is extremely painful. It is listed at or near the top of every life stressor scale. Unfortunately, the odds are that you are probably correct if you suspect cheating. Studies show that wives are usually right 85% of the time, and husbands 53% of the time. There is nothing simple about betrayal of trust in a relationship, as anyone who has been through the painful experience can attest to.


AIS will work with you to find the truth. Those facts will be documented, recorded, and evidence preserved in a manner consistent with legal standards of law, and rules of evidence, so that they may be presented before a court if need be. Legal matters of course are for an attorney to handle. After hundreds of cases and working closely with attorneys we know what evidence is needed. It is AIS’s experience that the stronger the case, the less likely it will be disputed which will save on legal battles and added stress. We strive to build strong cases and place you in the best legal position we can. All work is confidential between you and AIS, and your attorney should you allow us to share information with them.

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Child Custody Issues


AIS is sensitive to and understands the need to protect our greatest asset and those unable to protect themselves. These matters often take longer than the divorce itself or may become an issue several years after the divorce. Typically, both sides show up with abundant witnesses to testify why one persons is better than the other to be the primary custodian. Or often people change in ways that that make them no longer fit, or even an actual danger to the children.


AIS investigators are aware of how things change.


Does the ex-abuse alcohol or drugs?

Does the ex-operate a motor vehicle after drinking with the children onboard.

Does the ex-stay out till wee hours of the morning, and who if anyone is watching the children?

Are the ex’s family actually watching the children?

What is the character of the ex’s new partner?


AIS will conduct surveillance to get the answers for you and help ensure the safety of the children.

[ Hidden Camera Surveillance / Location Tracking / Background Checks ]


Surveillance Equipment


All hand-held video cameras used are what we consider the best on the market for clarity of picture, high definition, high zoom, and all have night time capability.


We have an array of cameras commonly referred to as hidden cameras. Some are capable of recording videos either constantly or triggered by motion detection, others take constant pictures up to a rate of 1 per second for up to 7 days. Some are actually hidden, some are worn.


GPS Tracking. AIS uses only the latest tracking equipment. Our investigators are trained in the proper placement to avoid detection and obtain strong signals. Our current vendor only provides services for police and licensed private investigators.

[ Evidence Gathering / Sufficient Proof]


Things we won’t do


Breach the confidentiality between AIS and a client


Provide services not in accordance with local, state, and federal laws


Undertake an assignment that is contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America or the security interests of this country.

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